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My Frontiers are on airplanes

Wednesday 23 December 2009 by Pinat Pierre

For 15 days, I have been in the little town of Jeremie, at the South-West of the Island.
This is my last training in the regions for this year. Since my arrival in Haiti, form north to south, east to west, I cove five regions.

Five other regions will be part of my curriculum form January to June 2010. I say my curriculum because I sit up with my and I am proud of this achievement.

Here, my classroom is right near the sea.
While teaching my students, I always look through the window.
The sea water is blue-wish.
The reflex ion of clouds on the sea gives it a pinkish tint.
The view is radiant.
Students in the classroom
There is a beach at about few minutes walk from the job site.
Each time I stroll there, it is deserted. But there is also the little town of Jeremie which is a former sea port constructed upon a creole architectural style, this would be a pleasant place to live…
But unfortunately, the town has fallen into decay, amidst acute poverty.

This is the Caribbean islands. Here is Mother Nature where many human beings live. Always haunted by these dreadful questions, how could I accept that I can’t help the whole world? What can I do? Is my presence in a third world country making more damages than good?
Jeremie Bay - Haiti
In a little wide, I will be in route to Pointe à Pitre, then Paris, France.
I can’t wait.
(I am preparing for the climate change.)
I am not only anxious to see my people and the country, but mainly their moves and the fever of long cruise travels.
The suit case that one closes
The coffee that one drinks hurriedly
The passport within one’s hands
Hasten clouds at airports

I adore!

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