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Mission at Charlie Camp (Ganta)

Friday 8 June 2007 by Mardaga

Monday morning, beginning of the week, the job starts. We read the mails, we arrange our little things and at a pinch one may go to the cafeteria to relate the week-end. But everything mess up : "Ganta moves and you must go within 10 minutes !". First where is Bhanta, er Ganta ? A senior tells me seriously to bring a knife and matches, yes it’s a joke. Another gives me his sleeping bag and Irshad some tools. Here I am in a car wth the driver Moses (a Liberian), Thol (from Cambodge) and Mahesh (from India).

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We make together acquaintance and the ice is quickly broken : eh we are together in the same hell on earth ! We stop for buying water, biscuits and cigarettes. Another team is already on the way for set up the satellite dish. Almost five hours of driving, the road is like a billiard table but ends ridged. Finally, we arrive at the Bengali military camp. The team of the satellite are working hard because the dish (on a towing ... it is not TV) gives difficult to catch the signal. Break, the Bengali invite us for the dinner at the cafeteria.

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Avec Moses & Thol

Full of good food that I have difficult to recognize and delicious. We continue the work till 22 hours and everything is running fine. Malek, the on site responsible is happy.

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Guest room

We receive guest rooms impeccably clean and the shower is waiting us. I’m tried but satisfy of the job (Mahesh helps me a lot who takes everything with philosophy).
The next morning, breakfast with potatoes, rice and chicken with a first-class sauce. We are laughing cause we say with Malek that the chicken is delicious but it’s a pity that the bones are small. We have to say that Malek may weight 100 kg. He is convulsed with laughter.

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Au petit dejeuner

After the last check, we repack everything, make some pictures, say godbye and fill the tank for hit the road (Jack). Mahesh decides to listen to India music and we rock like a baby on the way to home. We pass through rain forest, rubber plantation and several check-points. We arrive in the afternoon and stop to our place for a welcome shower and relaxation.

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Entrée de Ganta

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