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Haiti after 5 days

Wednesday 17 February 2010 by Pinat Pierre

Saturday January 23rd 2010

I have just woken up, the same feelings, always the same which come to my mind with speed.

I would prefer something else.
I would like to think about something else, do something else.
I would like that it had never happened.

Everyday new names. Names of persons we have known and lost; N…, N…, E….

(E… was a mother of a 2 years old little girl).

I feel the need to write you and share with you. At the same time, I don’t want to disturb you with this. Add it up. There is already enough media publicity about this. More besides, I usually want to be positive at this time, but there is no much positive things to share at this time. In fact yes there is: reunion. Some precious and happy reunion.

Wednesday afternoon

She is from Kosovo and lives in Haiti since 5 years; there she is married and has a 14 months old daughter.

It is so good to meet us again. We hug, we feel of laughing, crying, we keep talking and talking. We do a kind of debriefing even without knowing it.

She was here at Santo Domingo during the earthquake. The seism was felt here too and she was very much afraid. Her husband was at Port-au-Prince. He said that the ground was like the sea, making waves under his feet.

Friday afternoon

I am at the Santo Domingo hospital.

Making a visit to all colleagues.

He is a Liberian. A common point indeed between us. He told me that this minute long earthquake represents to him the equivalent of 3 times, 15 years of the civil war in Monrovia.

There is also another colleague (woman) who remained 9 hours under the debris. And someone else for 5 days.

Her story is unbelievable. She is form Niger and works in Haiti for a year now. She narrated to me that after the earthquake, she was stuck under the debris, separated for a friend by a wall. Few times later, the friend could not respond to her calls, she then understood that the friend was dead. Hours and days went by, dehydrated and thirsty, she had a dream that her dead friend gave her fresh water to drink. When she waked up from sleep, she wasn’t thirsty no more, she was full as she had really drink… The nurse at the hospital brought some sliced fruits to her. And she spoke to me through this magnificent phrase, typical however, a phrase that I heard many times in West Africa: <>.

Saturday morning

I finally succeed in joining my house mate. At least since few days, I did worry about him because I knew he was all right. He is presently taking a break in New York with his family living there. He survival the earthquake because he jumped through the window of the building. I also spoke to his wife. We don’t know each other, never spoken to one another but we all felt happy for this conversation.

Saturday afternoon, I have an appointment in central town with the sister and brother in-law of my best Haitian friend. I had met them last year in June, during a one week holiday. They gave me comforting news on everyone’s health, apart the fact that the whole family sleeps in the street. The house is cracked and everyone fears it could collapse. It makes me crazy to know all these, but the most important is that they are alive. These problems are just temporary, eyes Pierre just temporary.
Tomorrow is Sunday, I have a training session at the Santo Domingo airport.
I will need some reinforcement. I am going to work there… some days, some weeks.

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