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At the rime of the world

Wednesday 23 December 2009 by Pinat Pierre

Beginning of November ...
This morning, I waked up in a wooding chalet
I stretched myself and heard a cow mooing in a distance
I left the room with my eyes still sleepy, and walked through a grass socked by dew
Am I in the Alps? Or the Pyrenees?
No I am indeed in Haiti.
At the top or almost of the “Montagne Noire”, at 1500 meters above sea level.
La Montagne Noire in Haiti
Yesterday, I took up courage and ventured alone on a motorbike towards the height of the capital covering two hours of rough and curved wads.

With feverish hands, caste locked up over my head, I discovered a nice countryside that I could not imagine from down: terraced gardens, chimneys over roofs, forms and Christmas trees along the way, I made a stop over to urinate and wear a coat.
(at Port au Prince, it is always the tropics, but it is very cold!)

At my destination, I parked my motorbike Bird gathers pollenand began an adventure in this landscape undulated and green peasants, heavily loaded on their heads, gently greeted me on the way.

Hummingbirds gathering nectar from flowers attracted my attention.
Before sun set, I sat on the top of the mountain, “at the rim of the world”.

The pallid light and surrounding farms were smiling to me I take a deep breath I say thanks form the bottom of my soul to this planet that welcomes me for life.

Thank you mother Earth.

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