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Liberia, officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire.

Liberia, which means "Land of the Free," was founded as an independent nation with support of the American government, for free-born and formerly enslaved African Americans.

Since 1989 it has witnessed two civil wars, the First Liberian Civil War (1989–1996), and the Second Liberian Civil War (1999–2003), that have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed the country’s economy.

Articles in this section

Hats off (Monrovia)

Wednesday 24 December 2014 by Mardaga
Only two airlines give Liberia air transportation of which Brussels Airlines is one. The director of Brussels Airlines asks me if I can be in the position to distribute boxes of Quaker oats to the needy children in the community where I live. He explains to me that the navigating personnel (...)

Sweet Melodies (Monrovia)

Tuesday 17 December 2013 by Mardaga
It is his group anniversary: ‘Sweet Melodies’, as I devise it in my own title and description of the event. A friend called Cyril Dundas gives me an unexpected invitation to be part of this musical party. In other words, we are going to party by playing together. Being an intimate friend, I have (...)

Homing Zig and Zag (Monrovia)

Wednesday 9 November 2011 by Mardaga
All starts with a short conversation with Sanjay, my co tenant, on things and others of life at the country side and common youth experiences, like bringing cows to the meadows. Then I speak of a friend, Daniela on a mission in Chad who told me she had a very nice duck. “A duck!”, isn’t that (...)

In route towards Duala Market (Monrovia)

Sunday 10 July 2011 by Mardaga
Monrovia July 2, 2011. It is now raining season in Liberia; the whole of this week day and night, the rain did not stop. This Saturday morning, it seemed to subside. I then decided to step out after a Taï Chi brief practice with my house mate. Since few days, the appetite of a pineapple took (...)

The house of termites (Monrovia)

Wednesday 9 September 2009 by Mardaga
During a Sunday morning stroll, with deep impression I stopped before a smash opened and huge ant-hill; a nose cone like a resembled a cathedral. Two little boys accompanied me during the trip. At my request, they stood before the ant-hill for a photo. My aim was to substantiate its size; the (...)

Linda searchs for her father Theo Verwilligen (Monrovia)

Wednesday 9 September 2009 by Mardaga
Within the discharge of my duties, I made a trip to Robert International Airport (RIA); the international airport in Liberia is about 57 kms from the capital Monrovia. The trip is tedious : 1.5 hour. I always love to make a stop over on my way to quench my thirst and smoke a cigarette. As (...)

Congo Town (Monrovia)

Wednesday 9 September 2009 by Mardaga
The temporary shelter assigned for UNV (United Nations Volunteers) which is named Transit house, is located in the Monrovia suburb of Congo Town. In Brussels, we have Matonge; though there are more Guineans than Congolese here. Just a few steps away from the building, African atmosphere is (...)

The Cityboy Community Cine Club (Monrovia)

Thursday 23 July 2009 by Pinat Pierre
My community cine-club is booming. Almost every Saturday evening, I bring computer and projector out in my parking lot, buy some popcorns worth 5 US Dollar (the equivalent of a big tub fill), open my gate to nearly 50 children in the community ... And enjoyment at city boy’s house starts. There (...)

Sunday afternoon fever (Monrovia)

Monday 22 September 2008 by Mardaga
Sunday is day of personal errands; without my car, just strolling and as much as possible, no taxis. This seems easy because families I always visit, live in the neighbourhood. As I left, the sky was quiet cloudy, but I noticed no rain and I opted for no excess baggage (coat nor umbrella) : a (...)

The engagement party (Monrovia)

Monday 24 March 2008 by Mardaga
I was promised an official invitation, I am still waiting. Anyway there is no more need, for the confirmation of my arrival at the party was substantiated by the purchase of drinks at the UNMIL PX supermarket through my hand prints. The venue of the engagement party is at Eric’s residence. His (...)

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