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Thursday 7 June 2007 by Stephan Mardaga

Two ways to go to the job : sharing a car or the "dispatch".

The first solution requires a pool of relations with the feeling of requesting which should not be justify because within UN missions it is usually mutual aid. So sometimes, it is not running and also we are with international staff.

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Dispatch au PAP

The second solution is the UN’s shuttle which running in the city : the name is dispatch. It can working fine (in time and free places) but sometimes it could be a mess. It happens rarely and people in charge makes their best. There are cars, minibus or maxibus. With music and last news of Liberia. Don’t forget to fill the form !

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The drivers sometimes are under pressure. Cars unavailable, not enough drivers, and s.o. Jimice, the dispatcher, has to drive sometimes. I saw him stop the bus on the road for asking to inflate the tire and paid with him own money. Another time, another driver, Elizabeth, really sick had to stop at a pharmacy. She is friendly and speak also French with a nice accent. She asked me a perfume, no more than 20$, but I could not find it in the airport. I said to her and first did not believe me, but blamed me not. Some Liberian people are speaking French very well cause they had to escape to a French speaking country during the civil war. It makes relationship more easy (I speak French) and it is pleased me to be able to speak my own language.

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avec Shariff Mugabi

About the minibus, the advantage is that it is used by local staff and it is one of the best way to discover the people. Most of the time, the atmosphere is good-natural and the conversations are going at a good pace. Exactly what we need to be in a good mood in the morning to start the job. It gives also the opportunity to meet this guy of Rwanda : Shariff Mugabi who is not speaking French because he was a refugee in Ouganda during his youth. He is surprisingly gentle, quite and staid.

When a Liberian knowns your name, you are his friend. Yes, but be quiet man. The usual way to get money is "This is my birthday, what do you give me ?". If it is not true I say : "oh, it is my birthday too, what do you give to me ?". At this moment we have a burst of laughter. So give me five !

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