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Thursday 23 July 2009 by Pinat Pierre

My community cine-club is booming. Almost every Saturday evening, I bring computer and projector out in my parking lot, buy some popcorns worth 5 US Dollar (the equivalent of a big tub fill), open my gate to nearly 50 children in the community ... And enjoyment at city boy’s house starts. There is however one condition : everyone brings his own chair.

Recently, I showed a documentary on the Antarctic, snow, white bears and penguins. I am quiet convinced that for the majority of these kids and even adults, this was their first time to see it, even on the screen. With the appearance of a whale on the screen, a little boy asked me : << what is this ? A sub marine ?>>

24 hours

I live my life at 200 per hour. Between the capitol Monrovia and the hinterland, I continue to fly over the country. I am opportune to see acres and acres of tropical virgin forest beneath. I like to work far away from the city. The country’s resources are limited, thus making human relations more simple.

There is still a lot to be done, much more to be reconstructed. I am filled with new ideas 24 hours around the clock. I am passionate, witness and actor of a country’s story, trying to wake-up from ashes.

I remember when I first landed in Monrovia, I knew absolutely nobody. Zero, nobody. I wonder how I would get used to a city so strange, ugly and devastated.

Two years and half later, we have come from a long way. Very much controversially, there is still more to be done, what is the difference ! The streets in the city are full in the evening, shops are opened and houses are well painted. Pessimists in the country said that when the United Nations leaves the country, troubles will erupt and Liberian will start killing one another again, Liberians cannot stear their own country’s affairs. I beg to differ with these people, I don’t want to join the pessimist’s camp.

The Garden

There is a new bar which opened its doors few months ago in Monrovia. It is the Garden Cafe. Every Friday evening, a local band plays popular and recent African hits. Other artists would also join the band spontaneously for one or two songs. Some would dance, others would choose to sing and few others would read poems. This is a cafe theatre with West African taste.

I would not have let such a benediction go. After few rehearsals outside the screen, here I am hired by management, humming few oldies and goldies in French (Henry Salvador), English (Abba) or Spanish (Manu Chao). I swear, it is true. It is cool ! (Wonderful to be a star !).

Every friday therefore, the Garden Cafe becomes my dwelling place. And then I am wondering ... How will I be able to leave Liberia ? However, it is wise to start thinking about departure ...

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