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Pierre Pinat

Thursday 20 July 2006, by Pinat Pierre

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Pierre is a traveller. His religion is travelling. As a kid, he remembers looking at a small illuminated globe with fascination, bolted in his room for hours.

At 18, he left his family and started his journey. The South-West of France is the first touchdown. With his high school certificate in the pocket, he then migrated.

Starting from Ireland, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal and Liberia, he resided for a maximum of 2 (two) years in each of these countries where respectively he served as telemarketing agent, educator, computer science instructor and French professor.

Since last year April, he landed in Haiti.

He adores this.

He adores it because, travelling and world cultures are the best ways he found in order to learn, understand and make progress. He has also chosen to be humble and honest as much as possible with himself, and all those he meets along his way.

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Playing Samba in Dublin Ireland