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Namaste : Bangalore Gate

Sunday 20 February 2011 by Stephan Mardaga

After the aggressiveness derived from stress by personnel of airline companies and security apparatus at airports, Indian cuisine and vegetarian meals eased the atmosphere again on board flight BA119 for Bangalore.
We established friendship with an Indian couple travelling around the world, accompanying their daughter who is a renowned international cricket player. However we were subjected to disagreeable emotions in the taxi which was taking us to the hotel. We had an impression being in a video game as much as the traffic was chaotic and compact. Our hotel was the Bangalore Gate; after star gate, I believed it was a good introduction in India, room 119 (by the way, this number reminded us something!).
 Devanture d'un cinéma a Bangalore -
After a little nap, we embarked upon adventure. A crazy crowd, a traffic in all directions, horns blowing simultaneously, overshadowing sounds from exhausts. Here, car’s wheels are on the left, one has to be careful while crossing the streets. A rickshaw’s (tricycle) operator offered his services to us; he agreed to ride us wherever we desired to go. Well done ! We were supposed to get tickets at the main train station, let us go then ! Five minutes later, he suggested a tour of the town with keen look of few of the best shopping centres. We began with the railway station. The rickshaw with a little comfort, allows the rider the access to natural air while having an opened view on the environment. In terms of environment, we are well taken care of : exhausts gages, horns blowing all around and an impressive view on vehicles speeding at random in the opposite directions.
Rue animée de Bangalore
The visit of the best shopping centres happened to be a tourist’s trap. Our guide told us that he collects some money even if no purchase is done … He laughs with happiness.

This second day, I asked to shave my haire just in the front of the hotel. The sum to be paid depended on the length of the hair. Good job ! As bonus, a massage of the head with a little touch on the ears, all to end with few of my hair being dropped on the ground in a ceremonial manner. Local customs or a donation to the goddess of the earth ?

Un thé massala après le coiffeur

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