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Meeting with the family Koli - Kollie

Sunday 10 June 2007 by Stephan Mardaga

This Sunday walking brings me first to the residence of Medecins sans Frontières (MSF) because I had a packet to send to my brother who is working in Niger. The welcome was not so welcome et the guy didn’t invite me to come in. Never mind, I wish to meet African people. Along the way as usually, I say hello to the people. However one guy responds to me in French and I respond in French too. There are some liberians who can speak French because during the civil war they had to escape to French countries (Ivory Coast or Guinea).

I continue the way which pass near the football field. Nobody are playing yet. Where are the children ? Some are coming et I ask about. So, no ball any more ! I propose them to play with a coconut but they don’t want to destroy their feet. One ball costs 10 $ et I will be welcome to be their sponsor. We will see.

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Among them, a guy speaks to me in French and invites to his house. I accept the invitation and he says that he was the person I met before on the way. So, I am follow-up ! The family is together in the front of the house and we are doing the presentations. Soua explains that the father died some years ago and they came in Liberia for better life. But it seems not although Soua is a bricklayer, he’s not getting work. Two sisters Pauline and Kotu. Pauline (25years) is married with Paul and have three children : one boy Pépé and two daughters Thérèse and Noue. Paul is a solderer who has some job from time to time. He came with the whole family and with his generator and his arc-welding machine. He is in charge for the family.

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Pépé & Kotu
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Noué & Thérèse

After the introductions, we are going, Soua and me to the market. I discover new places and we are speaking during our walk. I buy some rice, pieces of chicken, pimentos and oil. A strange discovery surprises me : they sell pieces of hard clay, a young girl is eating it. Is it for stopping the hungry or to calm down the stomach ? We continue along for a few kilometres and my legs feel like jelly. We are back to the house and I smoke a cigarette before leaving. I am ready to go and they invite me for lunch. I’m hungry and the foot seems fine. They install me in the shadow under a tree and here is the disk with rice, fish and a nice sauce. It is delicious and spicy. A glass of fresh water is just what I need. I say goodbye to everybody and promise to come back next Sunday. A wave of happiness floods me. To be with this family warms my heart. No, I’m not alone here in Liberia, there is a family with children which welcome me Sunday. This gift is inestimable. Thanks a lot to Africa, Liberia and the family Kollie.

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